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Mafia Stories

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Default Mafia Stories

Post by danik18 on Sat Mar 09, 2013 2:36 pm

Storyline Status:UNFINISHED

Mafia Stories G0czOLe

Mafia Stories Tfbd8pM

Daniel Edwards:The protagonist.At the beginning he is an associate,later he gets promoted to enforcer.He was born in San Fierro.He was an ex-army member.He served as a soldier in the marine.

Chris Corleone:He is the boss of the Italian Mafia.He hates Dimitri Titov,the leader of the Russian Mafia.He is a friend of Daniel,Tom and Johnny.He was a succesfull lawyer back in Italy.

Tom Thompson:Tom is one of the best friends of Daniel.He lives in San Fierro.His first appareance is in the mission:The Russian Mafia.

Johnny Adams:Johnny is one of the best friends of Daniel.He appears in the first mission.Johnny's favorite weapon is a Shotgun,though he never uses one.He was Daniel's best friend as a child.

Dimitri Titov:He Is The Leader Of The Russian Mafia.First Appearance:The Russian Mafia.The last appearance:The Russian Revenge.

Mafia Stories VdSKdZV

Daniel Edwards is a mafia member.He was an ex-marine.He seeks to have a better life,so he joins mafia.Play As Daniel as he works up his ranks in the mafia,experience Breathtaking missions with explosions,extreme things,sniping,etc.Also make new friends as you work up your rank in the "Rank Ladder",join raids,destroy an army convoy,blow up a drug factory.

Mafia Stories BBoa1se

Sunday DrivingThe first day in the mafia.Your objective is to Drive-By some gang members.Then drive back to the base

The Russian MafiaYou should cover the godfather while he makes a deal with the Russian mafia.You will get a signal,whice means that you should snipe the russians.(In this mission,Tom makes his first appearance)

(More missions are done,I will add them later)

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