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Award System has been added

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Default Award System has been added

Post by modexpert on Mon Apr 01, 2013 4:39 pm

We feel glad to tell you that a award system has been added to our forum to attract more members. A member named KINGG has been awarded for the reason :

Thanks for contributing to the GTA MF team. Keep it up !

Here , now let me explain you which awards show what

Contribution Awards

Award System has been added 9pywpIk This award is not easy to get. As you have to contribute to the NETWORK. You have to be most helpful as you can.

Award System has been added Jf2f9Kz This medal is also not easy to get. You have to be more active as you can. Only most active and regular members get this.

Award System has been added LYxRm38 This medal is for most active+regular members. This medal is the first who has been given to a member. Its hard to get it.

Annual Awards

At the end of year, A poll system is opened through which , you can vote members. We are working hard on award system. As we are developing more and more medals.Anyhow , I gotta explain you:

Award System has been added 6L9dn8B Most Helpful

Award System has been added DNS4LH0 Most Respected

Award System has been added THLYMQQ Best Moderator of the Year

Award System has been added U5x1wBR Best Administrator of the Year.

We are developing more awards. Please wait.....
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